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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Bitconnect : Sub Reddit Closed as Token Plummets

In a major unfolding event, Bitconnect Lending Platform has been closed from immediate effect,  resulting in mass panic for many Crypto traders. From life savings to loans much of money have evaporated. To tell their concerns and stories the traders took to Bitconnect Reddit in hope of finding a solution or to share their grievances to the Crypto community. Although in another major set back the subreddit for Bitconnect was closed in few hours after the closure of their exchange platform.

Some of the stories grabbed from the sub are:

Another story that shook the community was

BCC was long regarded as a Ponzi scheme attracting massive investment from its monthly 40% interest. Combined with extensive marketing campaigns and video promotions on Youtube it climbed to among top 20 coins as of Marketcap. As the news broke the people started to sell their tokens and the coin dropped as low as $30 from $400.

Update : An alternative Subreddit has been opened regarding Bitccoin. Click Here to go to at the main topic.

Bitconnect shut it services, Token down 80%

Bitconnect, a known Ponzi scheme that claimed to be a lending and trading platform since its inception has closed its services initiating an exit scam. BCC on its website stated that due to some issues the exchange and lending platform will cease to exist. Although the coin still have an active market on some exchanges.

Bitconnect was deemed to be a Ponzi scheme from day one and many people in Crypto had endorsed  its behavior. The events unfolding on 17 Jan brought a massive panic among BCC traders and people having significant investment in coin.

The blockchain of BCC is still functional but it is taking about 5 hours for a transaction to process maybe because of a rapid decrease in mining activity. BCC stated that the coin itself and Blockchain will exist leaving the platform in dust.

BCC made headlines past months as it climbs to among top 20 Cryptocurrencies. The growth of BCC was connected to its extensive marketing campaign. This also include a promotional banner on Coinmarketcap a website that tracks Crypto prices record, and several Youtube videos and endorsement.

BCC Token briefly depreciated from $400 to $30. The exchange website is also not working and many traders are in distress.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Cryptocurrencies plunged erasing past week gains

Bitcoin traded lower than $12000 on January 16, 2018 crippling the whole market with it. Bitcoin price plunged $1500 in 1.5 hours as the increasing regulation and ban on Cryptos in South Korea prompt the hefty sell off.

Owing to Bitcoin price dive, all the the top 100 Cryptos turned red with some loosing more than 20%. The most depreciated currency. The worst performer among them was Dent Token that shredded about 46%.

The sell off came under increasing news from South Korean Government's decision to ban crypto currencies and China's crackdown on services providing exchange like services. The price swing puts the number one Crypto currency price at the lowest since December 5.

The digital currency soared to a record high above $20000 in Dec due to the anticipation of Bitcoin futures at CBOE and CME groups but since then it has seen a bearish pattern taking over and is currently being traded at $12000, at the time of writing.

Tron : Is the rally over?

Tron (TRX) made major headlines in the Crypto industry as it surged from $0.01 to as high as $0.25. Tron (TRX) bull run made several people huge profits in the short time but it looks like the rally is fading as uncertainty regarding the new Crypto currency looms.

Recently, Tron (TRX) price has been hit by several factors including FUD, whitepaper controversy and the Bitcoin price. After surging to record high and taking over several popular Altcoin's marketcap is heading downwards since the past couple of days in a bear pattern that hasn't seems to stop.

The price surged of Tron is also linked with its CEO Justin Sun who kept tweeting about it creating a speculation bubble. However, as the momentum fades Tron is now showing extreme bearish market signs testing new supports. Data from Coinmarketcap shows how the volume, and price of Tron has dropped for about 75% since all time high.

Tron price looses against Bitcoin and USD for a couple of more reason other than Bitcoin price volatile movements, the past week. This also include massive FUD among traders specially regarding whitepaper of Tron that appears to be forged from several resources.

Do you think Tron needs more money?

Market Down : A Correction or FUD?

Crypto market got hit by the recent news coming out from China and S.Korea on their crackdown on crypto currencies. These announcement have created a lot of FUD among traders and most of them are cashing out.

China again comes in spotlight as it plans to ban Bitcoin mining operations in the country. As of now majority of Bitcoin mining is performed in China thanks to cheap electricity. Few months earlier, China sparked concerns in Crypto industry after it banned ICOs and exchanges in the country leading Bitcoin price to plunge.

As Bitcoin price plunges due to Chinese impact, it took with it most of the Altcoins, since Altcoins price are deeply linked with that of Bitcoin. Out of top 10 Cryptocurrencies only NEO performed well with a gain of 10% at time of writing.

Ripple, the popular Altcoin that surpassed Ethereum in Marketcap recently shred the most loosing about 13%. China is not yet done with clamping down on Cryptos and the week is not over. On the other hand, the FUD spread regarding overall  Crypto market as a bubble, and regulation from S.Korea. All these factors have contributed to a major downturn for the prices of Cryptos.

On the other hand, some exchanges have temporarily halted new registrations on their platforms as they cope up with the recent traffic increase on their platform. This include some top 10 Crypto exchanges and this factor is also preventing new money to come into Crypto.


Sunday, 3 December 2017

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

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Friday, 24 November 2017

Ethereum breaks resistance climbing above $420

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is on its track breaking all time high as its climbs above $400 for the first time. Since the start of year Ethereum has increased more than 500% starting at a price from $10 to more than $420. Ethereum currency made headlines this year due to the popular ICO's being held on Ethereum blockchain. The ICO's being conducted on Ethereum network has dramatically increased through out the year.

Although Ethereum's has rise against dollar, it's value in Bitcoin has constantly depreciated due to massive surge in Bitcoin's price. Data from coinmarketcap shows Ethereum reaching all time high above $420 although its value in Bitcoin is down by almost 50%.
The billionaire Mike Novogratz commented yesterday that ether could hit $500 by the end of the year due to its uptrend. The surge also came due to Ethereum's prie trend showing an extreme bullish pattern and because of the fact that Ethereum is processing more transaction than any other cryptocurrency.

Is $500 for Ethereum in sight?

Monday, 20 November 2017

Bitcoin breaks all time high reaching beyond $8100

Bitcoin on November 20 2017 breaks its all time high and for the first time was traded for more than $8100 at various exchanges as data shows from . The price of Bitcoin surged after consolidating for about three days around $7700 and made a bounce above $8000. Bitcoin price surged comes amid its bullish run and speculation of the asset hitting $10000 by year end. Since September Bitcoin has experienced a bullish run with dips resulting in loss of value for most of Altcoins.

Bitcoin's price is constantly making drastic movements since the start of 2017 and have restored its market dominance back at 60% after falling to its lowest at 38% in June. Events such as Segwit, CME group Bitcoin's future listing have further contributed to an increase in Bitcoin's price.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

DASH struggles to shine beyond $500

DASH cryptocurrency formerly known as Darkcoin recently hit all time after going beyond $500. The move came as DASH team and ambassadors such as Amanda B. Johnson and other made effforts to actively promote and currency via seminars and workshops.

After being traded for more than $500 on several exchange DASH faced extreme sell pressures that push down the prices downward combined with the Bitcoin price volatility that continues to hurt Altcoins. Despite the pressure DASH successfully maintained a strong support above $400 and actively trades. The key point to note in the event is that the surge in DASH price came during a high degree of uncertainty in Crypto currency market.

DASH price has appreciated from just $15 to record high of $500 in year 2017. The coin price rally begin on January 2017 and was among the first of Altcoins that increased in value. DASH has also survived Bitcoin price volatility threat through out the year and has remained almost the same in its dollar value.

DASH has remained one of the top crypto currency through out its period after its launch in year 2014 thanks to active and growing community contributing to its development. DASH boast a daily volume of about 100 million dollars.

The days seems turned out to be agood one for holders of DASH currency but the happiness might have faded quickly.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

CME Group to add Bitcoin futures in December

Many investors have finally found a platform to invest in Bitcoin without actually holding it, thanks to CME group one of the largest futures trading platform which plans to list Bitcoin future as early as first week of December.

The company made headlines after announcing its Bitcoin future's product that also lead to an increase in Bitcoin's price. In an interview with CNBC the CEO announced that the Bitcoin's future might start getting traded with in the second week of December. He further added that CME group was waiting for regulatory requirements

The CEO was asked what will the derivatives exchange do in times of price swings? because of the fact that Bitcoin's price is highly volatile. He commented that he won't let it swing that hard in case of market reactions. He suggested that CME would move to halt trading and won't let it fall drastically.

"I'm going to implement something. If the market drops precipitously, we'll stop trading, and if we think a product is going away, we have the longs, we have the shorts, we'll match them up at a price and that's the way our rules read today."

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Events that were supposed to kill Bitcoin

Year 2017 have unfold many exciting events in the Crypto industry both for Altcoins and Bitcoin. About 500+ new coins or tokens were created in this year most of them turning into scam or to a zero volume with pumps and dumps on several Altcoins and Bitcoin hitting all time high made this year worth remember. However, there were events in the Crypto industry that was supposed to kill Bitcoin. Cryptosland have summed up some of these reasons.

1. Bitcoin Segwit Activation
In July the price of Bitcoin faced heavy resistance at $2000. With in few weeks Bitcoin price dropped from $3200 to $1800 and people really thought this might be the end of Bitcoin due to network disruption. Most of the traders at that time were new since the Bitcoin went mainstream during the period and this added to the factor of panic selling. However, there were some lucky people who were buying Bitcoin at any price possible because they have some idea that after segwit is activated on Bitcoin it will fly to new high

2. China banning Exchanges/Bitcoin
Can't really forget this big dip in Bitcoin price specially in NEO's coin price where thousands of Bitcoins were sold in open market resulting in what most of the people termed as "Discounted Price for Bitcoins". Most of the traders thanked China for its war on digital currency by buying the currency at a lower price while some speculates the end of Bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin bubble claims
In the month of Sept and Oct many claims were made by several notable millionaires including, Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal, Warren Buffet, JP Morgan, etc claiming that Bitcoin is in a bubble territory and the people will regret buying it. They argued that Bitcoin is not even worth an investment. However, time have passed and Bitcoin keeps hitting all time high in November.

4. Segwit2x
Last one that turned out to be a joke, people thought that Segwit2x hard fork that was originally planned to be happened in November would leave Bitcoin in dust, but it was the backers of Segwit2x that faced the dust because the planned was cancelled and backers of the idea back off from the project due to lack of consensus. However, some people still want to continue with the fork and would probably be out of sight in the following months.

Year 2017 is about to end and Bitcoin is still standing strong!