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Monday, 31 October 2016

Bitcoin and Ethereum Android Faucet

BitMaker By Cakecodes:
Bitmaker is one of the best Bitcoin and Ethereum faucet app available on Playstore. The app pays 50 Satoshis or 700 Gwei (Smallest unit in Ethereum) by just watching ads. It is easy to earn bitcoins using this app and payments are on time. The app also have dozens of offers that can help you earn more free coins. You can also earn free coins by completing simple tasks.

Cakecodes is a small US based company so if you are in US you can expect to earn even more because of App geographical based offers. The app stores your coin in "Blocks" that are integrated in App. Each block has some Satoshis and Gwei stored in it.

You can Sign up with this code and get 6,000 Blocks on your start
Code: RWCJ2Q
Download App From Here

After installing the app, you need to provide your phone number to verify your account because Cakecodes uses Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.

- One of the most reputable Android Faucet
- On time payments on every Saturday
- High Paying Offers
- Low and dynamic withdrawal threshold
- A good platform to develop interest in Crypto Currencies
- Features built in currency known as "Blocks" that can be converted into Bitcoin or Ethereum

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- Very few or no offers for many users specially those outside US
- Only supports Xapo and Coinbase wallet
Click Here to see my payouts from this App

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