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Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Wallet You Are Withdrawing From..

"The wallet you are withdrawing from does not have enough available balance to fulfill the Credit"

If you are seeing this error which reads exactly the same this means that the website/blog you are trying to get Satoshis from is out of balance to dispense you free Bitcoins. The faucets are automatically linked to Bitcoin Wallets that's why it gets credited instantly when you claim.

Since, the website you are trying to withdraw from is itself out of "Cash" they can't pay you unless they load bitcoins in their own account. This error is usually seen in Xapo faucets as faucets based on Xapo doesn't have the function to tell users whether the faucet is dry or not.

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The wallet you are withdrawing from does not have
How to resolve this issue?
You can not resolve your issue on your own. However you can try contacting the owner of faucet stating him that his faucet is dry. Adding Bitcoins by owner to his wallet can take hours or days but might also extend to weeks. The only option for you is to keep checking the faucet

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