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Thursday, 5 January 2017

FreeBitco Bitcoin Faucet

Having a leisure time? Why don't you try your luck with this website and earn up to $200 in  Bitcoins every hour?
Faucet Status : Paying

- Multiple ways to earn
- You balance is subject to interest after you reach withdrawal threshold
- Referral commission up to 50%
- Can redeem your points for several items including iPhone and Samsung phones
- Enhanced account security with 2FA
- The reward you will receive in fiat will not fluctuates due to Bitcoin's price volatility

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- High withdrawal threshold
- If Bitcoin price increase the Satoshis per claim you receive will decrease
- Doesn't support any micro payment services

Ways to earn on FreeBitco
- Spin roll
- Lottery tickets
- HI and LOW game
- Reward tickets gives u free BTC after every one hour. The site is very simple to use and you can earn upto 0.2 BTC per claim. Start now by signing up and visit everyday to claim free money. Additionally you also get lottery tickets and additional claim tickets to earn more per spins.

Happy earning.
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