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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wish to start mining  Bitcoins but don't have money to start?
Now it is very easy using The website provides you with 500 GH/s of power for a week to experience Bitcoin mining.
Just join and get free 500 GH/s free to start mining.
Only for a week? Well of course no, Once you have used up all your free trail just start reinvesting the amount of Bitcoins your received from Hasheer. This way you really don't need to invest any of your money to start Bitcoin mining and can reap the profits once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

How to reinvest your Bitcoins received from Hasheer?
Simply go to your Dashboard and select "Reinvest 100%". Doing this will give you an estimated 35 Gh/s more after seven days and you will be having little bit of hashing power to keep your account mining.
hasheer mining
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