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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Claim Free Bitcoin

Bringing you another exciting new app to claim very high amount of Satoshis after every fifteen minutes.
Click here to download App

You can claim up to 100 Satoshis after every 15 minutes plus you also get a bonus for registering to the app. The earning rates are dynamic and keeps changing as Bitcoin price changes.

The app is one the amazing app to get free bitcoins using android phone. Minimum withdrawal amount is just 20000 Satoshis which you can accumulate easily.

1- Only 15 Minutes timer
2- Low withdrawal threshold
3- Referral Commission
4- Earn from offers
5- Payment History

1- Worst support I ever encountered
2- Quick to ban accounts that the admin thinks is using a bot or tampering app
3- You will also be banned if you hadn't done anything that violates the terms of using this app

Happy earning

Update :  Due to banning some accounts for the reasons of using bot and using multiple accounts I don't recommend using this app. Although the app still pays 

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