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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Cancelling Bitcoin Transaction

Can you cancel a bitcoin tranasaction?

Did you just send your Bitcoins to a wrong address and is now looking for a way to reverse the transaction. Well you have landed on the correct place to know that, you can not cancel a transaction you send in Bitcoin or any other Altcoin, it is your fault and no one can help you regarding this.

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The Bitcoin transaction can not be reversed because of the fact that once initiated it is included in a block and then awaits to receive confirmations making it impossible on any part to reverse or cancel it. Once the transaction is added in the block your Bitcoins are gone in case you send it to a wrong address. Always send bitcoin to the desired address carefully.

Well, the only way you can reverse the transaction is by going back in time, which you can't for now.
Cancelling Bitcoin Transaction

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