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Saturday, 22 April 2017

9 Ways To Earn Bitcoins

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3. Working

Having a real enthusiasm for cryptos? Well you can get some Bitcoins by working for it. There are various sites providing such services where you can meet people looking for freelancers to get their work done.
One of the best website among them is which is just like many Freelancing website out there with the difference. Alternatively you can also try

Upwork Bitcoin Jobs

4. By Doing Data Entry Job

Yes, you heard it right now you can earn bitcoin by doing a very easy task by sitting at home. This is call Data Entry. Steps are simple.
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5. Mining

The process of how any cryptocurrency is generated is known as mining. It can either be Proof of Work or Proof of Stake mining. Profits from mining mostly depends on cost of electricity and price of coin. Thus, countries having cheap electricity the individuals can bag high profits.
All you need to learn how to start a mining setup, a simple mining setup can cost around $200-$1000 depending on which type of hardware you are going to use for mining purpose.
Which coin is more profitable to mine? You can check this at

What To Mine
Crypto Compare

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