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Monday, 24 April 2017

9 Ways To Earn Bitcoins

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6. Offering Goods Against Bitcoins

Have something to sell? You can sell your things against Bitcoin payment in Bitcoin marketplace. This is a very simple way to earn Bitcoins. You can find several Bitcoin marketplace over the internet. One of my favorite is Cryptopia Market Place where people are selling thousands of items they have for Bitcoins. You can also look for several other marketplace over the Internet.

7. By Paid to Click Sites

Another easy way to get Bitcoins is by working on Paid to Click sites. This is not similar to faucet as with PTC sites you get paid for viewing ads rather then simply claiming from faucets.
You can browse several PTC sites on our blog HERE
My favorite PTC sites are
BTC Clicks

8. Play easy games to get Bitcoins
You can also get some free bitcoins by playing easy games on internet. My favorite one is CoinBrawl

9. Opening a Faucet

Well, running a faucet is more profitable then earning from a faucet. You can easily create your faucet using various websites such as Epay or Faucethub
How to earn from a Faucet?
Well you can easily start earning from Faucets by place Ads on it. Faucets website usually generates more than thousands of visitors daily and have high Alexa Rank. Faucet owners can generate a lot of profit running it.

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