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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bitcoin Specifications

If you are new to crypto world, then Bitcoin is a currency very different from known instruments used as medium of exchange. It is digital, It has value and it exist, but you can't touch or feel it. Unlike a central institution controlling its supply and charged with its circulation, Bitcoin is decentralized and its supply will only be 21 Million coins in circulation.

Code :  XBT and BTC
Maximum Supply : 21 Million
Block Rewards : Half every 4 years
Current Block Rewards : 12.5 Bitcoins
Introduced In : 2009
Accepted : Globally
Created by : A software developer with nom de guerre Satoshi Nakamoto

Block Explorers
Block Explorer
Bitcoin Blockchain
Block Cypher Explorer

Windows Phone
Hardware wallets
Web Wallets

Accepted on all exchanges

Market Capitalization
Number 1 in Market capitalization 50%+ dominance as for now.

Join The Community
Bitcoin Reddit
Bitcoin community is very large and there are hundreds of Telegram groups and it is not feasible to post them here.

Free Bitcoins

Legal Status
In Japan
European Union
And many more see Bitcoin legality by country
Bitcoin logo Bitcoin specifications

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