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Monday, 15 May 2017


Based in San Francisco, California Coinbase is one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin wallet and a way to exchange Bitcoins for fiat or vice versa in several countries. Over time Coinbase has started supporting Ethereum and Litecoins which also lead to increase in their prices. You can exchange your fiat money into digital asset using Coinbase in 33 countries.

Coinbase is a multi wallet supporting 3 digital currencies, and a secure way to store them.
Coinbase bitcoins transaction has been free for many years until Feb 2017 when Bitcoin transaction fees increased and Coinbase permanently stopped supporting free Bitcoin transfers except for transaction between one Coinbase account to another.

Coinbase also acts as a Bitcoin exchange where you can easily convert your Bitcoins. Founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam Coinbase have a legal status in States. It is estimated that Coinbase have over 2.8 million users as of now.

- Secure digital wallet
- Available on several platforms
- Supports withdrawals in fiats in many countries
- Easy tool to trade between fiat and Bitcoin
- Provide merchant services
- High security
- Fast and reliable support
- Regulated wallet and exchange
- A very unique referral program

- There are events of  downtime accessing Coinbase during Bitcoin's price volatility
- Help from support can be delayed
- No other license outside USA
- You can be ineligible for Coinbase merchant account for no reason
- You don't own private keys to any of your wallet.

Coinbase Android Wallet
Coinbase iOS Wallet

Official Coinbase Webstie
Coinbase Logo

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