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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

EOBOT Multi Coins Faucet

Tired of opening different faucets to claim different coins?
Well, EOBOT have the solution.

EOBOT is one of the oldest website in Crypto industry and also provide Cloud mining.

You can claim once every 24 hour from EOBOT faucet.
Kindly note that you can also claim a single type of coin from EOBOT in 24 hour time period.

Some coins you can claim from faucet includes
BTC, ETH, XMR, GNT, BCN, DOGE, GRC and many more.
Apparently, you can also claim mining power to mine coins from EOBOT.


After successful registration go to your Account, on upper left side of the page you will see the tab "Now Mining" click it and select the coin or either mining power you wish to claim from faucet

After selecting your desired coin go to EOBOT Faucet Here
Solve the captcha and take your coins.

The Faucet page is located under the products Tab.
Happy Accumulating!

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