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Monday, 8 May 2017

Mining Altcoins On Your Android

You can now mine Altcoins on your Android depending on your Smart Phone.
Besides you don't need to code anything or learn some sort of programming. All you need is to follow some simple steps.

Before moving on, kindly know that profits can be little and depend on coins price and the smart phone you are using. High end smart phones such as Samsung S6 edge can make you decent profits. Further, mining will quickly make your battery drain and heat your phone really fast but it is always good to try out new things right?

Mining Altcoins on mobile are good if you are planning to save them for future expecting their price to increase. Moving onwards, you need to sign up first for After successful registration and confirming your E-mail login to your account.

Yes, you are done registering, now you need To Click Here which will take you to Playstore or you can search on Playstore "Minegate app" download it and open the app to begin mining.
After successful download you need to sign in with your login details select the coin you wish to mine and click Start to mine.

You can mine several coins such as BCN, XMR, Etc.
I prefer you mine BCN since you can make much of it and its price is expected to increase.

Note : This is only an informative post, I don't encourage users to mine Altcoins on mobile, but well yes you can and you even can mine Bitcoins on Android.

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