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Saturday, 17 June 2017

You Are Not Late, Crypto Industry Is Still Young

Yes, you are not late if you think you are, but of course it is worth regretting that you did not the chance to buy Bitcoin back in 2010 or gain 3000% in one day holding XBC or become millionaire in DGB.

The industry is still young and in future we will be seeing lots of money moving into it. Why?

1. Lack Of Knowledge
Many people still don't know about Cryptocurrency not even Bitcoin In my own country hardly any one knows about Bitcoin. Let's talk about India with a population of a Billion and not even 1% of population is investing in Bitcoin or other digital currencies. However, the number is likely to increase in near future

Crypto currency are becoming as a method of payment and many countries are even planning to regulate it. Japan have already done it and Russia and India might follow the pattern

3. Demand
Don't take it for Acceptance, both demand and acceptance are two different things. If I accept something does not mean I demand it. Well, The demand of cryptocurrency are on a increasing pace, and people are willing to buy Bitcoin even for $3000 and more.

4. Limited Supply
Since most of the cryptos currency supply is limited such as there will only be 21 million Bitcoin ever to be created, this obviously makes sense why the prices are likely to high in near future using the basic laws of Demand and Supply.

5. Usage
The usage of cryptocurrency is booming specially in poor countries to send remittance, I myself have ditch Western Union for Bitcoin to send money to my love one who lives outside country and cryptocurrency usage is likely to increase more as new players comes in.

What do you think?
This is just an opinion

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