Cryptos Land: How To Claim From Our Faucets?

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

How To Claim From Our Faucets?

Our faucets are unique since it doesn't use automated system and all things are manually controlled. Unlike other faucets claiming on CL faucets are different. Here's the guide how you can claim from our faucets.
Kindly do not try to abuse our faucet we reserve the right to disable the faucet or any claim amount in case we find any harmful activity. Be good to the crypto community.

1. Open your desired faucet from "Our Faucet" Page

2. Enter the coin name and your coin address and Payment Id (Optional) in the fields
3. Click Send after filling the details

4. You will be redirected to a page like this one below, and your claim will be send to our team.

5. Go back and claim from more of our faucets.

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