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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Instant BTC Faucet

Instant BTC Faucet is another Bitcoin Faucet to get your hands on some free Bitcoins.
This is one of the top visited faucets among the faucets list.

The faucet works as a charm since it provides payment directly to XAPO if you have a balance greater than 1250 Satoshis or you can withdraw your balance directly to your Bitcoin address after reaching 20000 Satoshis.

On Instant BTC Faucet you can claim after every five minutes.!!
Yes just after five minutes you can claim some Satoshis. However, it is a time based faucet. This means the claim amount gradually adds up if you don't claim. So it is up to you if you wish to claim some small amount of Satoshis after every five minutes or a big sum after 24 Hour.

Some interesting features :
1 - High Payouts
2- 250 Satoshis Welcome Bonus (Reduced to 150 Satoshis)
3- Claim after every 5 Minute
4- Direct withdrawal to Xapo account
5- Low withdrawal threshold to Bitcoin address
Sign up now using your Xapo E-mail or Bitcoin Address

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