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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Multiplying Your Money In Crypto Currencies

How to get rich in crypto currency?

Since the brea out of Bitcoin there has been many millionaires around town as many crypto currencies continues to surge. After analysing the data from we came to know that daily about 1-5 coins increases in value for about 50%. That is a very big increase. Sometimes the percentage is even greater than 100%.

Getting rich in crypto currency is easy and mostly depends on your luck factor. Yes you heard it right. If only the traders know on a daily basis which coin will surge for 50%-100% daily everybody would be rich.

However there is another way to get rich in Cryptos may be not fast as the one described above but
certainly a better and safe one. This other idea consists of buying and holding coin that you think has potential to increase in some months. For example Digibyte and Tenx increase about 400-1000% in 2017. Only if u had brought it you would have more than triple your money, Right?

Well the best part is to hold some good coins with active development and bear the fruits in future. Also if you hate trading on a daily basis and is a casual trader who hates watching screen all the day then there is another stuff for u.

Yes, what actually you can do is to get $100-$300 out from your savings today and buy some good coins for $10-$20 each and just forget your money. Come back after 10 years and see them turned into thousands of dollars!!

You heard it right, most of the coins price will accelerate because of limited supply. Do you know
one factor of Bitcoin price hike is its limited supply? Similary this is the case with many Altcoins there supply are limited only just a few million some coins don't even have a million coin supply.

Now the best thing you can do to save your future is to invest in these coins (do your research) and open your exchange account after 6-8 years and trust me if your coin choices were good you would be close to becoming a millionaire.
Ehh! Just don't forget your passwords and choose a reliable exchange.

I hope you enjoyed reading it

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