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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bitcoin Fidget Spinner To Earn Free Bitcoins

It is true, world will never run out of ideas and crypto community will never run out of faucets. Btcspinner is a new faucet that helps you kill your time while your roll the fidget spinner and earn some Satoshis. If you are relaxing on your couch or are on vacations or have a bit of stress you can try this new faucet.

- Not a traditional faucet
- Helps you make use of your time while you make some Bitcoins
- Low withdrawal threshold directly paid to wallet
- Signup via Facebook, Twitter or Google
- 15% referral commission
- A good time killer

- New faucets are prone to shutdown
- Uses Adsense network. There is nothing wrong with using Adsense network but Adsense doesn't advertise on Bitcoin faucets and it is likely Adsense network would be disabled for Btcspinner.
- Very low earning

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It is always good to try out new things but it is highly likely that faucet might shutdown in future unless it starts to use known Bitcoin ads network such as A-ads. For now lets spin the fidget and earn some Bitcoins.

You can see payment proof here and its transaction on blockchain here
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