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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bittrex Exchange Review

Bittrex is a crypto currency exchange based in US and is ranked among the top ten exchanges. To know more about Bittrex click here. This is an unbiased Bittrex exchange review and is neither in favour or in support of exchange but highlights the experience of using Bittrex exchange.

Bittrex is a very easy to use exchange offering hundreds of trading pairs. Lets start with its edging features which is providing Ethereum markets. Bittrex host dozens of Ethereum market this means that users on Bittrex doesn't have to go through Bitcoin to exchange their Altcoins but can also take advantage of Ethereum markets. This helps to avoid some losses during Bitcoin price fluctuations.

Another key feature on Bittrex is the availability of trading tools on its exchange. Although many users don't know how to use them they still comes handy to a lot of technical experts or people having knowledge of these tools such as RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc. Besides Bittrex provides charts for various time difference from 1 Minute price charts to 30 Minutes and more. If you wish to learn about these tools you can see Sideways trend and Head and Shoulder pattern

Like coins, Bittrex has its own Slack community that is very active. Things that doesn't looks right are always being reported in their. Their admins are also part of Bittrex slack channel so if anything goes wrong or you are not being replied on your support ticket you can always message Bittrex admins on Slack. I have personally been in their Slack group for months and it has been a good experience.

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Besides Bittrex only charges 0.25% fee on every trade that users make and also allow users to get a hard copy of their fees and other activities if needed. Having such attracts dozens of new investor to Bittrex daily which might sprouts some new problems.

Sometimes Bittrex is faced with lagging and hanging problem where users are unable to login or create orders this usually happens when a lot of people are trying to access Bittrex, such as during a fall or increase in Bitcoin price for example here. However, the management of Bittrex is trying hard to resolve such issues and it continues to get better.

Some users are also reported to face a lot of problem while logging into their accounts and this includes me too. The problem occurs in captcha bug where the captcha is unable to load and you just have to refresh page waiting for the moment it loads. Once it took me five minutes to login into my own account. I have posted the picture of bug here

Recently, Bittrex has also changed its withdrawal policy and you can not withdraw your own coins unless you provide your phone number and verify your account in case your account is created after 8 January 2017. Although Bittrex support staff is available on Slack and is very helpful on resolving the issue on Support it can take a week or more for your query to be responded because of the influx of hundreds of request daily.

I am using Bittrex since months and have listed my experience with it. Overall I recommend this exchange probably because of its ability to provide trading tools to its users and a user friendly GUI

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