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Thursday, 7 September 2017

CoinBtc Faucet

CoinBTC is a Bitcoin faucet that uses your luck factor to increase your claim amount. Yes, if it is your lucky day you can easily accumulate more than 400,000 Satoshis in a day from CoinBTC.
The process for claiming is simple, although not similar to normal faucets. To start, first open CoinBTC and paste your Bitcoin wallet address on top right.
Note : Don't loose your Bitcoin address as it will be username for this faucet.

After logging in you will need to verify you are a human. To do this you will not be asked to solve a Google or SolveMedia Captcha but rather you will be asked to identify a particular color. After verification you will see a page with lot of boxes like these.

Now here comes the lucky part, in every box there is are some free Satoshis. You can select any 10 Boxes. It depends on your luck how much can you after each turn. After selecting 10 Boxes you need to wait only three Minutes to claim again so it is bit easy just wait 3 Minutes and start claiming. Thus, this faucet is very unique since you get 10 chances after every 3 minutes to increase your Satoshis.

Don't forget to transfer to your account by clicking the "Pick Up" Button Below.
Note : In case you forget to "Pick Up" Your Satoshis you will loose all of them if you exit the Faucet.

The Minimum Withdrawal from this faucet is only 35000 Satoshis.
Happy Earning

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