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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Coinomi Multi Currency Wallet

Coinomi is an Android based wallet that supports multiple currencies. If you have several Altcoins wallets on your Android device then it is the time that you clean some of your phone storage by downloading this handy app. You can also visit Official Coinomi Website to see latest developments.

- Multi Currency supports
- Can also store ERC20 tokens
- Built in exchange to convert your coins
- Can be backed up and restored to any device
- Active development
- Supports multiple languages
- You have access to private keys
- For some currencies such as Reddcoin it is the only wallet available on Android

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coinomi multi currency wallet for android logo
- Support staff is not friendly and sometimes doesn't even reply to tickets
- Your coins can get stuck in an exchange and Coinomi is not responsible for it
- While using built in exchange you might not receive coins but you would find your balance deducted
- If you loose your passphrase you will loose all your coins
- Can show error stating that coin network is down while you are sending a transaction

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I have listed all the good and bad about Coinomi wallet but still if you are wondering whether to use it or not then do check the Coinomi wallet review here. In case you decide to use Coinomi Wallet already then it is better not to put a lot of your funds in it as a precaution.

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