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Monday, 11 September 2017 | Bitcoin Wallet For Philippines The Bitcoin Wallet For Philippines was founded in 2014 and based in Manila, Philippines  is a wallet that offers a very convenient way for Filipinos Bitcoin users to buy and sell their Bitcoins. It is the only Bitcoin wallet in the country offering Bitcoin withdrawal in fiat. If you use Bitcoins faucets or other Crypto currencies faucets you can just exchange them into Bitcoin and cash out your earnings. However, faucets are not a convenient way to make money in Cryptos unless you are new to Cryptos and figuring out how the blockchain technology works.

1. Easy to register for local residents and even international users
2. Send remittance to your family and relatives in Phillipines from anywhere in world
3. Quick cash withdrawal to your Banks, ATM other services
4. Buy Bitcoins with your fiat
5. You can also send mobile credit to your friends and family mobile phone using, pay bills and buy other stuffs
6. Registered exchange with an strict KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy
7. Built in support with quick response time
8. Fast withdrawals in fiat usually with in a day

I haven't heard any complaints regarding up till now.

You can use this code to get $1 worth Bitcoin while signing up :  "neyzqd"

Link to Android Wallet : Here
Web Wallet : Web Wallet
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