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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Earn Bitcoin Via Blog Or Website

Tired of logging in to your faucets every hour or day to claim some Satoshis? Well it is time you take a step ahead in Crypto world and open your own website to start earning some Satoshis. Faucets are the basic structure of Crypto world it gives experience a user how the Blockchain technology actually works and give them a time to play with their Cryptos.

However, it is a fact that Faucets payments are very low since they are not trying to give you a living. All they are trying to do is to introduce to Bitcoin. Stepping ahead, one can earn some Bitcoins daily by building a website or a blog.
Note : Most Bitcoin Ads Networks does not accept free domain such as wordpress, blogspot, etc. It is better to buy a domain. 

After choosing a suitable name you need to think what to write for your website. It can be anything you wish but you should remember that some Bitcoin ad network only accept websites related to Crypto currencies.

It is to bring in your consideration that profits and revenue in first few months are not much and it would be hard for you to cover the cost of hosting and domain packages. However, by advertising your website on various platforms that relates to Cryptocurrencies you can quickly make a following.

If you are considering to open a website. Don't forget to

1. Make it unique
2. Write quality content
3. Refrain from plagiarism
4. Advertise your website (After having some content)
5. Build a fan page on Social Media.
6. Use SEO tools to reach top ranks in Alexa

If you already have a website you can find some of the well known advertising networks Here

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