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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Earn Money Solving Quizzes

Getting bored? Why don't you do some brainstorming while earning some cash?
Then you should get your hands on this  Android and iOS app name Cash Quizz.
Cash Quizz is an exciting app for people who wish to learn and solve puzzles while making some money. All you need is to use your brain.

This app helps you win prizes every day or week depending on your usage. You can download the app from here Cash Quizz. After downloading the app you need to register to the app and login. After logging in you need to select a random player to start a competition. Choose the amount of bet you wish to place for the competition.

Kindly begin with small amount as it can be difficult to use in beginning since the nature of Questions are difficult. Both you and your competitor will be asked seven questions and the winner will be selected based on the most amount of correct answers. In case both the players scored similar points the coins bet will be refunded.

As a login bonus you will get 10 "C" coins. "C" coin is an in build currency of Cash Quizz and 1000 "C" coins equals $1. Thus, if you bet high you can win high but there is some risk involved.

Payments by Cash Quizz are made in Amazon vouchers, Paypal and Google Play Gift Card.


Answer 12 questions in the Daily Quiz Tournament and try to get as many correct answers as possible

The app also boast a Daily Winner Drawing. It states
"Every day Cash Quiz distributes 100 USD prize money among the smartest Top 3 winners that got the most correct answers.
1st Rank: 50 USD
2nd Rank: 30 USD
3rd Rank: 20 USD"

So what are you waiting for? Get some books and start solving the quizzes.

Official website of Cash Quizz is This

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