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Friday, 1 September 2017

Facts About Bitcoin

You might already know about the first Crypto Currency which is known as Bitcoin. But do you know some amazing facts regarding it? If not you might find this post interesting. Below are some facts regarding Bitcoin

1. Nobody knows the developer of Bitcoin
2. First Bitcoin transaction was on 12/01/2009
3. You never know how much one Bitcoin will worth at a specified time
4. Bitcoin price changes every single minute by 1$-5$
5. Bitcoin total market supply would only be 21 Million
6. After 2040 nobody can ever mine Bitcoin as supply would reach its peak
7. Bitcoin network hashrate averages about 6400 Peta hashrate
8. Bitcoin are store in digital wallets so if you loose your wallet you loose your money
9. You can see all the Bitcoin transaction happened since 2009 on its blockchain. This means you can even see the first Bitcoin transaction
10. Bitcoin is decentralized thus no single entity controls it
11. You can never reverse a transaction in Bitcoin
12. Bitcoin is legal in some parts of the world
13. You can buy almost everything with your Bitcoin using a Bitcoin debit card these days
14. There are Bitcoin ATMs in parts of Europe, America and Canada
15. Bitcoin is three times more valuable than gold
16. In 2010 Bitcoin was worth 4 cents while in 2012 it worth $1200
17.  In 2010 a man brought a pizza for 10,000 Bitcoin which would now worth $49,000,000
18. Last but not least Bitcoin is here to stay
Facts About Bitcoin

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