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Friday, 8 September 2017

GravyChain Your Android Friend For All Cryptos

Gravychain is an android app to look out for your Cryptos while you are sleep or having a hectic day. In case some day you can not login to your desired exchange all you need is Gravychain. You can say that this app is the android version of Coin Market Cap but it is equipped with more tools. You can track the prices of all of the your Cryptos on the app's homepage.
The app contains almost all the coins and tokens listed on several exchanges. Besides showing the price of coins the app also displays a price chart in background to show the price movements and signals a green line if the price has increased or a red line if the price has decreased.

One of the amazing feature of this app is its ability to show coin prices in almost any fiat currencies that exist. The app has an  builtin tool that converts the prices of crypto currency to any fiat currency weather it be Sterling Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Etc.

Just not that, the app also have a option to create a portfolio. This means you can keep track of your portfolio easily using this app. All you need is to go in options and create your own portfolio tell the app which coins are your holding and the app will update your portfolio each minute.

 Besides, providing you updates on your portfolio and showing the crypto prices in your local currency. The app also tracks the depth of order book and the price candles of your desired coin. However this feature is not available for all the coins as some are not valuable and are constantly part of various pump and dump campaigns.

I hope you get a time to check and test the Gravychain App

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