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Monday, 4 September 2017

Litecoin's Journey From $4 to $92

This year Litecoin has gained about 2000% after hitting all time high thanks to the Lightening Network and the its developer Charlie Lee for being an active participant in promoting the currency.
We take a look about how Litecoin surged 2000% in a period of 6 months.

April to May
From April to May Litecoin was one of the first mainstream coin to have segwit activated. The hype around the segwit was slowly building until 10 May when the segwit on Litecoin was successfully activated. This resulted in Litecoin's price surging to almost $35-$40.

May to June
This was one the important period for Litecoin. Had Litecoin price crashed below the support level during this time period it might had been had to recovered. During these two months Litecoin settled at a price of $23-$32 and was traded between these price moments.

July to August
Another major struggle for Litecoin came between this period as soon as Litecoin was worth around $45. Breaking its resistance Litecoin formed a new support in the beginning of July but the price faced much due the bearish Bitcoin price trend. However, the Litecoin survived much of the selling pressure. During this time Litecoin priced spiked and fell for countless time

August to Sept
Going an all time high. At the start of September Litecoin beat all price records and went all time high at around $92. This happened due to the lightening network being activated on Litecoin and its first block being mined on Lightening Netowrk. The price surged about 20-25% with in a week marking a gain of 2000% in 6 months.

Is it late to buy Litecoin? NO.
Litecoin was originally made as a silver to Bitcoin's gold.

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