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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Crypto Mining On Android Using Crypto Miner

Crypto Miner is an Android app available on Playstore that helps you mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies using your smart phone. Crypto Miner has a free and paid version. In free version the app will not run in your background once you exit the app it will stop mining unlike in paid version that mines all the time.

Free Version : Download Link
Paid Version : Download Link

Using Crypto Miner you can mine your favorite crypto currency since this app supports several algorithms. Using this app you can mine BTC, LTC, DASH, BCN, XMR, etc. Plus you don't need to code anything just fill in the required details and it works with every mining pool.

How much can you make? 
Well this question can not be accurately answer. The Hashrate usually depends on the mobile phone you are using. Top end phones such as Samsung Galaxy S6 can generate a lot of H/S. Low end phones can only generate a small amount.

1. Easy to mine any coin
2. No special knowledge needed
3. Easy to setup

1. Heats your phone fast
2. Drains battery
3. Make your device wear and tear in few months.

Note : Mobile mining is not recommended and this post is only to share the knowledge. I have personally used this app mining on a Motorola Moto X and it went horrible. Only use this app to try how mining works

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