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Friday, 22 September 2017

Monero (XMR) Android Wallet

Monero (XMR) is a crypto currency based on Cryptonote algorithm known for its use as micro payment initially started as a joke currency. You can read more about Monero here. If you are interested in Monero currency then you should try using this Monero Android wallet that can be downloaded from Playstore equipped with amazing features.

- Built in currency converter
- Option to buy Monero directly using debit or credit card
- Real time price of Monero
- You can watch value of your coins in several fiat currencies such as USD, INR, etc
- Can be back up and restored in any device
- Directly linked to Monero block explorer
- Multiple language support

- Sometimes, transactions can be delayed
- App can be slow
- It might take more than usual for your transaction to be processed
- You don't own private keys of the wallet

To use this wallet or not is entirely up to you, but this is the only Monero wallet available on Playstore which can be used to store your coins on Android Phones. To stay safe it is also better to not to store a lot of coins in this app
Monero android wallet by freewallet logo
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