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Saturday, 16 September 2017

MyBitHouse Bitcoin Faucet

MyBitHouse is another Bitcoin faucet helping the community to get to know how Bitcoin works. MyBitHouse is a unique faucet where you can earn Satoshis in three ways. The faucet boast of 3 in 1 Bitcoin Faucet because you can claim from three of their Bitcoin faucets once you logged in, depending on one which suits you. MyBitHouse lets you claim from their faucets on Quaterly, Hourly and No Time Frame Faucet. But remember you can't claim from all three faucets at once.

MyBitHouse states on their FAQ
What's the difference between the 3 faucets ?
"It's the rewards and the waiting time between each claim, if you claim from a timer based faucet you won't be able to claim from another faucet until the timer ends, faucets with less waiting time grant more rewards but are more tiring, use what suits you the most."
- 3 in 1 Bitcoin Faucet
- Take advantage of three faucets at once
- Loyalty Bonus
- Instant Withdrawals

- Very extensive Pop ups disturbing user experience
- High withdrawal threshold (0.001 Bitcoin)
- 20,000 Satoshis withdrawal fees i.e. 20% of withdrawal threshold

Overall Experience : Due to extensive pop under I don't recommend using this faucet. There are pop under ads in almost every page which was so disturbing to the user. But if you wish to get your hands on some free Bitcoins MyBitHouse would be a good choice.
My Bit house Bitcoin Faucet
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