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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Neon Miner | Your Android Miner

Neon Neon Miner is an Android app available on Playstore that helps the Crypto enthusiastic to mine several coins on their smart phones. Neon Neon Miner is easy to configure and don't need any technical knowledge to configure the app. All you need is to register with a mining pool and create a worker.

After installing the app you need to go to settings and fill in the required details. Using this app you can mine several coins since it supports many algorithm. Some coins you can mine are

1. Bitcoin
2. Litecoin
3. Dogecoin
5. Monero
6. Bytecoin
7. Bitcoin Cash
8. Many Others

To mine a specific coin, first you need to register to a mining pool and create a worker. In Mining server you need to put the server of mining pool. In the port tab you need to input the port of mining pool and set the internet protocol to "stratum+tcp" or "http" usually it is "stratum+tcp".  After this you need to choose the algorithm. In case you are mining Litecoin or Dogecoin algorithm is scrypt for DASH it is X11. The last step is to put your worker username and password in the filed.

Note : Do not put the username and password of the mining pool. You need to put the username and password of worker you created.

That's all your app is now configured. Now go to mining status tab and click "Start" and if you are lucky your Smart phone will start mining some coins for you in a matter of minutes.

Note : I don't recommend or encourage mining on smart phone this is just an informative post. Mining on your Android device can quickly heat up your battery and runs the risk of your phone being wear and tear.

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