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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Profiting From A Bitcoin Crash

A crypto market crash can be so frustrating specially if your money is held in Altcoins, but an attractive opportunity for everyone having holdings in USDT or Fiat. There is a way in which you can profit from a Market crash.

Before we begin you need to make sure that the market under consideration is facing a heavy sell pressure or there is FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) in the market. You will not be able to realize crash in few hours it almost takes a day, so don't sell your assets without accurately predicting a market crash.

Profiting from Crash

If, during the crash you are in profit even a little it is better to short your assets and secure your profits doesn't matter how much they are. You shouldn't stick to your asset seeing the price in a downtrend and thus following the well known concept of HODL. I am certainly not discouraging Holding your investments here, but only helping you make more profit.

The only way to profit from crash is to sell your assets and buy back even lower thus increasing your holdings. Just remember predicting a crash and new bottom for an asset might be difficult. Any green candle might make you feel uncertain or any small leg up might prompt you to buy at even a higher price. So you should be patient in case you are following this strategy.

Remember trading in crypto is risky and it is the high risk that generates most of the profit. But if you can accurately analyse a market and know how to use various indicators it will be easy to increase your holdings during the crash.
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Why hold Bitcoin at $3800 when you can sell at the said price and buy back at $3200?

Things you should make sure before trying
1. This technique is very risky
2. Make sure market is in a downtrend
3. Be patient

Have I ever tried this? Yes. I have tried it many times and sometimes managed to make profit and sometimes the tide was not on my side.

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