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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Roller Bitcoin Android Faucet

Roller bitcoin faucet helps you earn free bitcoins using your Android phone. This is the most simple Android faucet that I have used. Besides, you only need a Bitcoin address to sign up with Roller. Kindly save your Bitcoin address that you will use to back up your Bitcoin balance on any device.

- Low withdrawal threshold (10,000 Satoshis)
- 15 minute time
- Easy to use on Android phones
- Weekly Promo Codes to win bigger

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- Very low claim winnings
- Can have claim and login issues
- Your payment might delay
- After making a withdrawal you can not check its status i.e. whether paid or in queue

Overall the faucet is good to use and it's not bombarded with extensive ads that disturbs user experience.

Note : Due to late payment issues, use and invest your time on this faucet at your own risk.
Roller Bitcoin Android Faucet
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