Cryptos Land: The Dilemma For Using Bitcoin Faucet

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Dilemma For Using Bitcoin Faucet

We all know that crypto currency faucets are there to develop interest in the particular currency. For any new comer a faucet is mostly the basic and first step to accumulate some Satoshis or any other digital currency. However in some ways few faucets are also killing the interest they are supposed to develop for users. Imagine visiting a page and experiencing 2 pop under ads for each page?.

There are faucets out their that heavily used pop under ads and such results in user feeling dissatisfied. For example My BitHouse Bitcoin Faucet faucet has one pop up for each page and it takes about 3 page to make a claim on their faucet. This should be very disturbing for many users. I know the fact that the owners rely solely on ads revenue to pay the users but the abusive use of pop under ads irritates many users resulting them in lack of interest. What about having only one pop under in whole website at a certain page?

Faucets such as Bitfun Bitcoin Faucet have only one pop under located at their login page that doesn't affects the use experience and frustrates them by closing new tabs. Similarly many known faucet only use one pop under ads as a lot of such ads lets user into the dilemma whether to use such faucets or just quit it? Even Altcoins faucets are on the rise of being abused by pop under ads by their owners even though profit in Altcoins such as Digibyte, Siacoin are fairly higher than Bitcoin faucets.

In order to develop interest for people trying to know crypto currencies and blockchain such faucets lead them into distress. It is better to pay a little low than destroying the interest.
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