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Friday, 1 September 2017

First Bitcoin Faucet Used To Give 5 Bitcoin Per Claim

Did you just read the title and wish you was accumulating Bitcoin that time? Just imagine accumulating all those Bitcoins back in 2010 and becoming millionaire today.

The first Bitcoin Faucet was made by Gavin Andresen in 2010 containing a total balance of 1100 Bitcoins which would be given to Faucet users. *Ouch it hurts
Trust me it hurts me more while writing this for you, but the fact is that if you or me were at that time interested in Bitcoins and just stored them then you would be a millionaire by now.

Adding some salt to injury, around 2010-2013 there were Bitcoin faucets that were giving around 0.5-1 Bitcoin depending on your luck. However to your bad all of them are closed for now and Bitcoin is $5500 while updating this post.
five bitcoins per claim first bitcoin faucet
You can see the first Bitcoin faucet post in Bitcointalk here : First Bitcoin Faucet

The developer of the faucet wanted the Bitcoin project to succeed so he made this first ever Bitcoin faucet which hopefully we missed it. If only time travel was real we would go back and claim some.
The first Faucet was hosted at this site which is now closed.
first bitcoin faucet website
And a screenshot here about the first faucet giving 0.05 Bitcoin per captcha solved as Bitcoin price increased overtime.
That's all for now to make us hurt.

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