Cryptos Land: Why Cryptocurrencies Are Bound To Boom In Future?

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Friday, 1 September 2017

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Bound To Boom In Future?

Since the release of first cryptocurrency named Bitcoin the industry has developed into various segments and several crypto coins have been released with different tech and specifications. Crypto enthusiastic are very keen to develop and evolve the next generation of Cryptos. But what makes Crypto interesting that keeps them booming?

1. Limited Supply
Almost all the cryptocurrencies with a exception of few has a limited supply. It means once released its maximum supply can't changed. Unlike fiat where the Governments can print money when they like. This factor makes crypto really interesting and a basic key for a price hike for most of the coins

2. Adoption
Increase adoption of major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are driving the overall price. The total crypto marketcap has reach to an all time high at the time of writing this post. Other cryptos are also not behind. Cryptocurrencies like IOTA, DGB and DOGE are widely used for small transaction and RDD is famous for its tip.

3. Cross Border Payments
The ease to send payments across the border using cryptos works at a charm. Sending money through a bank takes some days to get your funds reached where as in cryptos it hardly takes a hour. The use of Bitcoin to send remittance by Indians and Filipinos have recently drive a price hike for Bitcoin. The bitcoin exchanges in India and Philippine are booming due to increase use for payments.

4. Your Money In Your Own Hands
This come as a gem, your money is in your own hand. You are fully liable for misusing it causing it to get stolen. Storing your fiats in bank usually takes the right from you for holding your money instead it is held by a third party which can use it as it wishes. In cryptos there is no third party you are in full control of your money

5. Legalization
Increase adaption of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are leading to its legalization around the world. Japan has already legalized all types of crypto currencies and taxed it. It is expected that Russia and India will also legalized Bitcoin and its exchanges in near future. When Japan legalized Bitcoin the price of Bitcoin jumped 30% with in a week.

Get your hands on some Cryptos before its too late.

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