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Monday, 4 September 2017

Why NEO will do better in long term?

Today, Crypto Market came crashing as China banned ICOs traditional way to raise funds using cryptocurrencies. There was panic as many even make up stories stating China has also banned Cryptocurrencies. However after suffering from big reed candles market has finally stabilized at some point and it was found out that NEO was one of the major coin among top 10 Cryptos to suffered more than anyone since it is itself based in China. However NEO is likely to do better and trust me for now it is very cheap after the big dump. Why?

1. China banned ICOs, not Cryptos
One of the main reason that NEO will survive and move up in the coming is because NEO itself is still legal. China has only banned ICOs. This includes all ICOs whether it is based on NEO, Ethereum or WAVES. China has not banned the trading and holding of any cryptocurrency.

2. Panic Over Fake News
Profiteers don't miss any opportunity to create panic and bag some profits. Many people tried to twist the ICO banned as Crypto banned and stated that while banning ICO China has also banned the exchanges and cryptocurrency

3. Active Team
Unlike many Altcoins Neo is backed by an active developer and a team that is constantly working to make NEO a better tech

4. NEO is long term
Just as many Altcoins NEO is a long term coin to hold. If you expect to get rich with NEO with in a week or two than you should know it is not a pump and dump coin. What happened today was your luck to get some cheap NEO. Bag some more and enjoy the profits later.

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