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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Another house for sell in Bitcoins

The real estate industry is slowly adapting to Blockchain and the first Cryptocurrency named as Bitcoin. A house is on sell for 18 BTC in Grimsby, UK. Owner named Sean Atkinson, 49 of age, working as a freelance artist has decided to sell his house for 18 BTC. The moves comes as there is an increasing trend where real estate transactions are happening in Bitcoin. Earlier this month another property was being sold for London 17 Million In Bitcoin.

Atikson has advertised his house on his website and stated that he thinks Bitcoin is a better choice than having money tied up in British Pounds. Atikson further added that the entire transaction can not be paid in Bitcoin since there would be cash transaction worth £100 to his solicitor.

Such moves are coming to light as Bitcoin keeps breaking its all time high as it reached $6400 while writing this post. Such events are also increasing users interest in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies such as Atlant Token that aims to build a decentralized real estate blockchain platform.

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