Cryptos Land: Bitcoin's Price Finally Breaks $4500 Resistance

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Bitcoin's Price Finally Breaks $4500 Resistance

The price of most popular currency Bitcoin continued to spike as it breaks its resistance. Bitcoin price crossed $4600 at some exchanges as traders pull out their money from Altcoins and hoard Bitcoins for an anticipated hardfork that will give them free Bitcoin Gold, a new cryptocurrency that will be formed Bitcoin hardfork.
Bitcoin demand is currently on the rise because the expected price at year end for a single Bitcoin is expected to reach $6000. Segwit2x will result in an increase in size of Bitcoin transaction block from 1MB to 2MB resulting in faster transaction and less network congestion.

In contrast Altcoin kept loosing value as Bitcoin price make new gains reaching an all time high for this month. Bitcoin dominance index on Coinmarketcap spiked to more than 50% after weeks of remaining low. Data gathered from Coinmarketcap shows an upward trend for Bitcoin price with no signs of stop.

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