Cryptos Land: Money flows to Altcoins as Bitcoin price stabilizes

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Money flows to Altcoins as Bitcoin price stabilizes

As Bitcoin price stabilizes around $5600 the money started to flow into Altcoins. Almost all the coins performed well during the day with some Altcoins surging more than 10%. Data received from Coinmarketcap shows that all the major Altcoins performed well against Bitcoin which price was experiencing a price rise in recent days.
altcoins rise data
Among the top then Altcoins the biggest gain comes from Monero with an increase of more than 7% followed by Ethereum at 6.92%. Ethereum price is experiencing growth as the anticipated hard fork on the network nears which is likely to upgrade the tech.

Even though Bitcoin is expected to have a hard fork on the network the price rise as investors bet whether it will happen or not even though the idea is supported by major Bitcoin miners. If the hard fork is initiated the Bitcoin blockchain will again split into two namely Bitcoin core and Bitcoin gold. 

Will we see another fork of Bitcoin and will investors get their share of Bitcoin gold from various exchanges if such events occurred? 

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