Cryptos Land: Bitcoin breaks all time high reaching beyond $8100

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Bitcoin breaks all time high reaching beyond $8100

Bitcoin on November 20 2017 breaks its all time high and for the first time was traded for more than $8100 at various exchanges as data shows from . The price of Bitcoin surged after consolidating for about three days around $7700 and made a bounce above $8000. Bitcoin price surged comes amid its bullish run and speculation of the asset hitting $10000 by year end. Since September Bitcoin has experienced a bullish run with dips resulting in loss of value for most of Altcoins.

Bitcoin's price is constantly making drastic movements since the start of 2017 and have restored its market dominance back at 60% after falling to its lowest at 38% in June. Events such as Segwit, CME group Bitcoin's future listing have further contributed to an increase in Bitcoin's price.

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