Cryptos Land: Bitcoin Price Touched ATH as Segwit2x cancelled

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bitcoin Price Touched ATH as Segwit2x cancelled

Wednesday announcement was source of a rejoice for many Cryptocurrency trades as the much anticipated hard fork of the year namely Segwit2x got cancelled. The plan was cancelled due to lack of consensus as several exchanges and miners didn't support the idea for the 2x. The announcement led to sudden price movements in Crypto market. Bitcoin price surge to another all time high to more than $7800 but faced a drastic sell off resulting in a flash crash of price below $7000.

This gave Altcoins a space to breathe just after being killed off from Bitcoin price surge except the new Altcoin that was going to be born namely Segwit2x as its futures was being traded on HitBTC and Exrates exchanges and the announcement brought a panic selling for many sellers. With in few minutes the Segwit2x price plummets from $1300 to $300 and was ranked 999 out of several cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap

Most of Altcoins recorded an increase of more than 15-20% s Bitcoin price faced flash crash whil settling around $7200. It is certain that Segwit2x would have resulted in a new Altcoin and even exchanges were going to list Segwit2x on a new chain namely "B2X". With Segwit2x hardfork out of sight the Bitcoin community seeks to see how the situation and events regarding the planned hardfork of Bitcoin Silver will affect the overall Crypto market.

The traders at HitBTC and Exrates would also be waiting for the announcements from the exchange regarding Segwit2x and probably both exchanges would remove their futures as there is no future for Segwit2x.

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