Cryptos Land: CME Group to add Bitcoin futures in December

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

CME Group to add Bitcoin futures in December

Many investors have finally found a platform to invest in Bitcoin without actually holding it, thanks to CME group one of the largest futures trading platform which plans to list Bitcoin future as early as first week of December.

The company made headlines after announcing its Bitcoin future's product that also lead to an increase in Bitcoin's price. In an interview with CNBC the CEO announced that the Bitcoin's future might start getting traded with in the second week of December. He further added that CME group was waiting for regulatory requirements

The CEO was asked what will the derivatives exchange do in times of price swings? because of the fact that Bitcoin's price is highly volatile. He commented that he won't let it swing that hard in case of market reactions. He suggested that CME would move to halt trading and won't let it fall drastically.

"I'm going to implement something. If the market drops precipitously, we'll stop trading, and if we think a product is going away, we have the longs, we have the shorts, we'll match them up at a price and that's the way our rules read today."

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