Cryptos Land: DASH struggles to shine beyond $500

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

DASH struggles to shine beyond $500

DASH cryptocurrency formerly known as Darkcoin recently hit all time after going beyond $500. The move came as DASH team and ambassadors such as Amanda B. Johnson and other made effforts to actively promote and currency via seminars and workshops.

After being traded for more than $500 on several exchange DASH faced extreme sell pressures that push down the prices downward combined with the Bitcoin price volatility that continues to hurt Altcoins. Despite the pressure DASH successfully maintained a strong support above $400 and actively trades. The key point to note in the event is that the surge in DASH price came during a high degree of uncertainty in Crypto currency market.

DASH price has appreciated from just $15 to record high of $500 in year 2017. The coin price rally begin on January 2017 and was among the first of Altcoins that increased in value. DASH has also survived Bitcoin price volatility threat through out the year and has remained almost the same in its dollar value.

DASH has remained one of the top crypto currency through out its period after its launch in year 2014 thanks to active and growing community contributing to its development. DASH boast a daily volume of about 100 million dollars.

The days seems turned out to be agood one for holders of DASH currency but the happiness might have faded quickly.

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