Cryptos Land: Ethereum breaks resistance climbing above $420

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Friday, 24 November 2017

Ethereum breaks resistance climbing above $420

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is on its track breaking all time high as its climbs above $400 for the first time. Since the start of year Ethereum has increased more than 500% starting at a price from $10 to more than $420. Ethereum currency made headlines this year due to the popular ICO's being held on Ethereum blockchain. The ICO's being conducted on Ethereum network has dramatically increased through out the year.

Although Ethereum's has rise against dollar, it's value in Bitcoin has constantly depreciated due to massive surge in Bitcoin's price. Data from coinmarketcap shows Ethereum reaching all time high above $420 although its value in Bitcoin is down by almost 50%.
The billionaire Mike Novogratz commented yesterday that ether could hit $500 by the end of the year due to its uptrend. The surge also came due to Ethereum's prie trend showing an extreme bullish pattern and because of the fact that Ethereum is processing more transaction than any other cryptocurrency.

Is $500 for Ethereum in sight?

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