Cryptos Land: With Segwit2x over, Bitcoin Gold is still in insight

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Friday, 10 November 2017

With Segwit2x over, Bitcoin Gold is still in insight

You might have probably forgot Bitcoin gold, the planned hardfork of Bitcoin that was supposed to take place in November 1.  Although the planned fork didn't gain any attraction from exchanges or wallets there are still some people that supports the new Altcoin. However, as there is no client for Bitcoin gold yet, transferring this currency was more than a headache.

Well, not anymore as the Bitcoin gold developers are now releasing the software client for download at 7:00 PM UTC on Nov. 12. It is to be considered that Bitcoin gold is backed by LightningASIC, a seller of mining hardware and is based in Hong Kong.

The idea behind the Bitcoin Gold project is to somewhat restrict the use of special mining chips and hence prevent the centralization of Bitcoin mining. As of now only few exchanges are supporting Bitcoin gold and its futures are being traded at a price of $176 at time of writing this article on several exchanges such as HitBTC, Binance and Bitfinex.

Although Bitcoin Gold has faced much criticism because of its anonymous team and developer and due the fact that the team has been mining Bitcoin gold blocks since a month the developer and the community of Bitcoin Gold still looks optimistic to make headlines in Crypto world in coming days.

In comments the project backer said in a statement
"We are extremely grateful for the community around the world who have been contributing hash power to our testnets; besides patiently testing their own mining process, they allow exchanges, pools, wallet developers, and all other service operators to implement and test their support of BTG so that the bitcoin gold community can have a full suite of services at launch time"

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