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Saturday, 2 December 2017

5 Bitbean Coins Giveaway

Love the tiny Beans?

If yes, then you would surely love to get some of it for free.
We are giving 5 Bitbean Coins to one lucky person.

How to participate?
Just comment with your Name and Bitbean Address, to enter the contest.
No comments after 7 December 2017 will be entertained. The prize will be send within a week after the end of contest.

How to get a Bitbean address? You can easily get Bitbean address by downloading Bitbean wallet or by registering an account on Bittrex or other exchange that supports the coin and generate an address for yourself.
As of today 1 Bitbean is worth more than 30 Satoshis.

Giveaway Starting Date : 2 December 2017
Ending Date : 7 December 2017
Time Format : GMT

Winner will be announce on our Facebook Page and Twitter. Don;t forget to follow us for more giveaways we give thousands of Satoshis free weekly in our giveaways.
Our Giveaways should not be considered as a source of income rather we conduct giveaways to develop interest in particular currency and to promote it. In case if any coin's value you win in giveaway skyrockets than you should thanks your luck.

Giveaway has been ended
Winner : Fani Basarnas
TX ID : b362ba94c62bb108b5fad18a869053b42d49e4b5c076f27b540f714cca506ba3

Keep checking our On going giveaways page for more


  1. 2JczHWXopk3PWznyLvXGKVJMnBRkopmaix

    bitbean good coin to hold

  2. gokhansa

  3. I Love Sprouting BITBEANS!!


  4. Beancash is the best


  5. nice i like this please give me


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