Cryptos Land: Bitconnect : Sub Reddit Closed as Token Plummets

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Bitconnect : Sub Reddit Closed as Token Plummets

In a major unfolding event, Bitconnect Lending Platform has been closed from immediate effect,  resulting in mass panic for many Crypto traders. From life savings to loans much of money have evaporated. To tell their concerns and stories the traders took to Bitconnect Reddit in hope of finding a solution or to share their grievances to the Crypto community. Although in another major set back the subreddit for Bitconnect was closed in few hours after the closure of their exchange platform.

Some of the stories grabbed from the sub are:

Another story that shook the community was

BCC was long regarded as a Ponzi scheme attracting massive investment from its monthly 40% interest. Combined with extensive marketing campaigns and video promotions on Youtube it climbed to among top 20 coins as of Marketcap. As the news broke the people started to sell their tokens and the coin dropped as low as $30 from $400.

Update : An alternative Subreddit has been opened regarding Bitccoin. Click Here to go to at the main topic.

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